Metroil Energy


Metroil Energy primarily operates in the energy sector with its core field of endeavor centered in the oil & gas industry and its associated sub-sectors. Metroil’s energy activities include the entire spectrum of crude oil and refined petroleum products. The company offers strategic solutions in energy services to businesses across multiple sectors.

Metroil is dedicated to utilizing a disciplined approach in exploring and developing new opportunities to increase value and expand product offerings. To meet emerging customer needs, the company is in the process of completing its product line to include the following services:

  • Trading and marketing of crude oil, condensate and liquefied natural gas
  • Trading, marketing and supply of refined petroleum products, petrochemicals and residue
  • Management and operation of company owned and dealer owned petrol stations
  • Participation and integration into production and upstream oil & gas activities
  • Development and trading of new energies such as bio-fuels and older sources such as coal
  • Provision of energy services to the aviation industry
  • Expansion of operations in the gas segment of the oil & gas industry
  • Acquisition of preferred stakes in gas projects
  • Generation, transmission and distribution of power
  • Acquisition, repair, maintenance and operation of power plants
  • Development, acquisition and operation of storage facilities for oil products and bulk liquid storage
  • Logistics and transportation of energy products

With the goal of becoming a leading player in the energy market, Metroil delivers a high level of collective performance with emphasis on efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Towards complimenting service delivery efforts, Metroil acquires and develops infrastructural and operational assets.

Metroil’s established relationships with reputable local and international banks and financial institutions enhance its operational capabilities. Metroil is an ideal and resourceful partner for international companies seeking to make forays into the Nigerian and African energy markets.

Metroil believes strategic thinking, versatility, creativity, perseverance and teamwork are necessary prerequisites for success. The company is manned by talented and driven individuals who possess these attributes and have several years of experience operating in different energy sub-sectors.

Over the coming years, Metroil Energy targets substantially increasing its volume of energy trading and commercial activities while expanding operations to more regions and markets.