Metro Wireless

Metro Wireless is a communications services company utilizing cutting-edge technology, significant years of experience and a true commitment to customer service to provide the best products and services at the best price. The objective of Metro Wireless is to connect customers with services, services with networks, and networks with other networks.

Nigeria and West Africa are considered a major growth area in telecommunications with additional growth still expected in mobile penetration and data services. As a provider of connectivity solutions, growth in the data market and in the number of data subscribers of the region present opportunities for Metro Wireless to further expand its services. The company aims to play a significant role in internet penetration growth in Nigeria and West Africa.

Metro Wireless is a consulting, research and development oriented solution provider that capitalizes on market opportunities through efficient utilization of network infrastructure. The company’s strategy is to monitor technology migration trends and then invest in the appropriate infrastructure and services at the most opportune time.

To best enable provision of global connectivity solutions to customers, Metro Wireless is tying into the most advanced networks and into the newest technologies in adequately meeting the connectivity needs of large users and enterprise customers. Metro Wireless is currently in the process of expanding its operations to have focus on all segments of the communications value chain with the goal of creating value for customers.