Metro Capital Partners is focused on structuring and delivering lucrative transactions in Nigeria and Africa as a competent and resourceful investment partner. Metro Capital Partners provides advisory and consultancy services to its partners and portfolio companies.

The organization is value driven and utilizes meticulous and detailed assessment as well as insight to guide its business decisions, relationships and engagements. Several capabilities and principles distinguish Metro Capital Partners in the marketplace, for international investors seeking the ideal investment partner in Nigeria and Africa.

Metro Capital Partners provides financial advisory and capital management services in the areas of Real Estate, Infrastructure, Oil & Gas (upstream), Agriculture, Fast Moving Consumer Goods and General Consumer Retails in Nigeria and Africa.
The company has a combined advisory and capital structure that enables it to leverage its management resources to originate and execute transactions that could require both financial advisory and capital injection.
Metro Capital Partners has the capability and resources to effectively partner with industry and governments across Africa towards building and sustaining strong relationships with international clients while establishing and growing a stellar track record of success. Metro Capital capitalizes on transactions and investment opportunities originated through existing bank relationships, existing clients or previous transactions, and professional organizations including accounting and law firms. Metro Capital is in a unique position to leverage its extensive relationships for partnership and investment opportunities.

The vision of Metro Capital Partners is to become a world class capital management business that delivers highly effective financial and transaction advisory with focus on “critical economic sector development” in Nigeria and Africa.
The mission of Metro Capital is to be the quality subordinated capital and financial advisory service provider of choice in the areas of Real Estate, Infrastructure, Oil & Gas (upstream), Agriculture, Fast Moving Consumer Goods and General Consumer Retails in its coverage region.

Metro Capital Partners provides the following services:

1.Financial Advisory
--a.Corporate Finance Advisory
--b.Project Finance Advisory
--c.Structured Finance Advisory
2.Transaction Advisory
3.Subordinated Debt or Mezzanine Capital Management
4.Investment Advisory and Consulting

The operational focus of Metro Capital is in the following key economic sectors: Real Estate; Fast Moving Consumer Goods; Consumer Retail; Oil & Gas (Upstream); Agriculture; Infrastructure.

Metro Capital Partners consistently explores and where justifiable, capitalizes on new opportunities while upholding the highest standards of integrity and business ethics. The organization believes new opportunities are abound in the delivery of sustainable economic development to markets in Africa. Established with the vision of becoming an international investment and advisory company, the approach of Metro Capital Partners is to leverage knowledge and expertise in business management towards impacting strategic sectors of the Nigerian and African economies on the basis of commercial viability and with the goal of creating value.
The organization seeks partners with whom there is synergy, and remains active and involved until objectives are met. Metro Capital Partners primarily targets investments in partnerships where the partners can contribute to building lucrative and sustainable businesses and ventures while aligning with the organization’s investment principles.
Metro Capital will originate, analyze and structure investment opportunities to ensure that a high rate of return can be achieved, provide legal structuring to ensure adequate capital protection, and facilitate timely and profitable exit.
Over the coming years, Metro Capital Partners intends to grow with increasing value and frequency of transactions delivered annually. The organization also intends to expand its presence to more markets on the African continent.

The principals, management and staff of Metro Capital Partners bring significant experience and expertise to developing and delivering innovative solutions to partners and clients. They have the capability to deliver insightful political, economic, and social analysis to investment partners.
Our people have established long term relationships with leading financial institutions, accounting firms and law firms in Nigeria and beyond. Furthermore, Metro Capital engages seasoned and experienced investment bankers and industry professionals to originate transactions, structure deals and facilitate proper executions.